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Psychological / Psychiatric disorders

In our practice we treat patients who suffer from a range of psychic or psychosomatic problems. The psychotherapy uses a broad range of treatments that originate from different psychological methods, such as:

Behavioural and cognitive therapy



(Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy)


(developed by prof. dr. P. Defares, psychologist)


(our practice uses EMDR for singular traumas)

Light therapy

(to solve winter depressions/dips)

Insightful therapy



psycho-education, online assignments etc.



The diagnosis is made independently by BIG-registered doctor in psychology/psychologist using the scientific diagnostic measuring instrument DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

  • The GGZ Standards are used during the treatment, see
  • During the treatment, if necessary, in consultation with the patient, a loved one (family, partner or friend / neighbor / neighbor) is invited to the anamnesis or during one or more treatment session(s).
  • Electronic questionnaires are used to monitor the development of treatment.
  • A treatment starts with an anamnesis, the further treatment is individually created to the complaints of the patient on the basis of the protocols.

Various cognitive techniques are used, such as challenging techniques, for example G-schemes. In addition, other techniques are also used, such as Acceptance and Commitment therapies. If necessary, homework assignments are also given, so patients can immediately use their knowledge from the treatment. Furthermore, patients have access to E-Health modules from Karify and The modules can be used in the treatment of patients with (mild) psychological complaints.

After a treatment, patients are asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire, the CQ index. The results of the CQ index showed that patients are satisfied with the method of treatment, with an avg. score of 9.7/10 for treatment of patients and an avg. score of 3.5/5 for joint decision-making and collaboration with patients (dated 3/22/2019).

Are you new to our practice?

The psychologist will need the following information to introduce you as a new patient:


Referral letter Basic GGZ


List of medication you might be using

medication list is mandatory according to NHG and HASP guideline


Health insurance card