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Welcome to the website of Van Manen Psychologists


Monday through Friday

from 08.30am-05.30pm via 070-4271908

Appointments can only be scheduled by phone via 070-4271908 on weekdays from 08.30am-05.30pm

Regarding the waiting times, it takes an average of 2-3 weeks before an anamnesis (intake) can be scheduled. After the anamnesis, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled by the secretary. At the end of June 2024, there will be a stop to waiting times.

Be aware: from 1-1-2022 there will be a change in the funding of the insured care within the psychological health care system. For more information click here.

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Adolescents & Adults

Our practice only treats adolescents and adults (18 years and older)

New patient

Are you new to our practice?

The psychologist will need the following information at the 1st appointment to introduce you as a new patient:

  • Referral letter Basic GGZ
  • List of medication you might be using
  • Health insurance card
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BIG registratie

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We work in close contact with a number of general practitioners (GP’s), company doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and physical therapists.


The treatments are available in Dutch and English

Want to cancel the appointment?

You can cancel the appointment free of charge up until 24 hours before the appointment, by calling the secretariat via 070-427 19 08 on weekdays between 08.30am-05.30pm. Text messages of contact through Whatsapp with the psychologist will not be accepted as cancellations.

Sessions that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged: cost 50 euro.

Activities of a psychologist

A GZ-psychologist focuses on diagnosing, making indications, treatments, functional recovery and the prevention of psychological diseases. Diagnosing and treatment are both focused on thinking, feeling, desiring, judging and goal-oriented treatments. Besides that, the psychologist will also consider any societal and cultural contexts a patient might be in. The basic mental health care (Basis GGZ in Dutch) works alongside other disciplines in the mental healthcare, the prescription of medication together with GP’s amongst other things. A clinical psychologist, BIG-registered (specialist GGZ, SGGZ), is concerned with mental illnesses which are more complex, severe and riskier compared to the basic GGZ (BGGZ). The psychologist is ultimately responsible for the treatment of the patient.

drs. R. van Manen

drs. R. van Manen

BIG-registered GZ-psychologist PsyD. Clinical Psychopharmacology Directing therapist AGB-code 94001624

“People try to prevent harm in their lives, instead of achieving happiness.” – Sigmund Freud