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The practice has contracts with all Health Insurance Companies

In the Netherlands there was a change in the funding of the insured care within the psychological health care system. This is called the ‘zorgprestatiemodel’.

  • Declaration of the costs with the health insurance company will be per session instead of at the end of the whole trajectory. We have contracts with all health insurance companies except for Zorg en Zekerheid and VGZ.
  • VGZ:
    • N.V. Univé Zorg
    • N.V. Zorgverzekeraar UMC
    • IZA-VNG
    • VGZ Zorgverzekeraar N.V.
    • ZEKUR
    • You will receive an invoice from Incura, who will send it by e-mail. The invoice should be payed by your insurance (the percentage your insurance covers is for example around 80%, but it depends on your insurance). When you receive the invoice, you should send the amount to the account of the psychology practice drs. R. van Manen. Has to be payed within 2 weeks.
  • There is nothing you have to do in this case. Trajectories in 2021 were closed end of December 2021. Where applicable a trajectory was opened again 1-1-2022. Your own risk (eigen risico 385,- Euro) will be used again when new sessions start in a new year.
  • Psychological treatment will remain part of the health insurance as it is now. Instead of an overview end of treatment you will receive a monthly overview from the insurance company.

The practice has contracts as well with International insurances (Breda). Every citizen has to deal with deductible of 385 euros. Check with your Health Insurance Company regarding reimbursement. Letters commissioned by a solicitor/lawyer or the (company) doctor/officer costs €160,-.

If you want more information about the reimbursements in 2023, please call your health insurance company.

You can apply directly to the psychology practice and the referral letter from the GP can be arranged afterwards.

Attention: please note that as of 2014 the POH-GGZ (who works for the GP) only treats light problems. When there is (a suspicion of) a diagnosis. You can also tell your GP that you only want to speak with the gz-psychologist, (Basis GGZ) or clinical psychologist (Specialistic GGZ).

The difference between generalistic basic GGZ (BGGZ) and specialized GGZ (SGG) is:

  • Basic GGZ: Less complex psychological disorders, problems, syndromes should be referred to the generalist basic GGZ. These are first-line psychologists and health care psychologists with a BIG registration. They also provide directional treatment.
  • Specialized mental healthcare: Severe complex disorders/problems/syndromes should be referred to the specialized mental healthcare: clinical psychologist and/or psychiatrist BIG registered.

Eldermans|Geerts Advocaten in Zeist: do business for psychologists and psychiatrists in connection with health insurance etc.

Letters commissioned by a lawyer or (company) doctor/UWV costs: €160

Visiting the UWV with a patient / attending a hearing costs €180,- per hour.

Sessions that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged: cost 50 euro. Cancellations by email and via Whatsapp/SMS are not allowed,
only by phone: 070-4271908. Office: 08:30-17:30.