Mental Health Problems

“Why do humans have to learn how to suffer? Psychological suffering is severe and burdensome. We should do everything we can to understand it better.”

(burn out, depression and anxiety etc.)  

Prof. dr. mr. Christiaan Vinkers



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Symptoms (illness)

BurdenWe all have to carry our own burden. Our burdens vary over time. Heavy burdens may result in stress, emotionally difficult circumstances or setbacks.

StrengthWe all have our strong and weak points. Our strength can weaken or improve during certain moments in our life. Experience of life or therapy may cause strength to improve, aging or suffering heavy setbacks however, will cause strength to weaken.

When your burden outweighs yours strength the following symptoms might develop: anxiety, sleeping disorder, depression, hyperventilation, overbreathing, phobia, self-esteem problems, self-harm, alcohol and drug abuse, psychosomatic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Psychological complaints

You can visit a (G.Z.-) primary health care psychologist with the following psychological disorders:

Anxiety disorder

(such as dogs / dentist etc.)

Pain complaints

Vague stomach aches, pain in the neck, backpain, headache, somatophomic disorders

Work-related problems

Burn-out syndrome

Conflict management

Relationship problems

Attachment disorder

Relationship / partner / family problems

Autism spectrum

Concentration problems

Sleeping disorder

Problems with falling asleep, problems with sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night

Mood disorder

feeling down
postnatal depression
bipolar disorder 1
bipolar disorder 2

Stress reduction

Lowering stress levels

Compulsive behaviour

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Panic attacks

Hyperventilating, chest pressure

Traumatic experiences



Bullying behaviour processing

Difficulty with adjusting / conforming

Identity problems

Are you new to our practice?

The psychologist will need the following information to introduce you as a new patient:


Referral letter Basic GGZ


List of medication you might be using


Health insurance card