Welcome to the website of the Psychology Practice R. van Manen Psy.D.

Secretariat present from 8.30am Р17.30pm  Phone number: 070-4271908

At the moment there is no waiting list.

We offer treatment in cases of phobias, headaches, sleeping disorders, depression, burnout, relationship problems, tension, traumatic complaints and work-related problems, amongst others.


The Psychology Practice is connected to:

  • Dutch Institute of psychologists (N.I.P.) in Utrecht;
  • Health Care GZ – psychologists (Law B.I.G.);


The Psychology Practice R. van Manen Psy.D. is a primary health care practice. Health Care GZ – psychologists have completed university studies and have established themselves as Primary Care Specialists. They work in health care treating people with psychological or psychosomatic complaints. The diagnostic reference source used is DSM-V.


  • Short-term therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  • System therapy
  • EMDR
  • Etc.


Nobel prize in Medical Science for doctor in Psychology (2014):

Science Research: a GPS-system in the brain. Research on Alzheimer. Continue reading here…


Low barrier:

Easy access for patients once referred by their general practitioners, physicians, internists, psychologists, psychiatrists, company doctors or physical therapists. Scientific research has proved that 60-70% of the complaints that general practitioners encounter are of psychological and/or psychosomatic nature. These complaints can be treated more effectively by a psychologist.


General way of working:

This means that all psychological and psychosomatic problems, such as stress or burn-out complaints, work-related problems, anxiety disorders, phobia, family or child-parent relationship problems, sleeping disorders, depression, relationship problems, difficulty with bereavement, etc., will be treated in a primary fashion. (Click here for more information about the different disorders).


Therapy is offered to children, adolescents, young adults and grown-ups.


Regular contact and reporting back to referring physician:

With the consent of the patient only.


Short therapy:

Including registration / anamnesis.