Welcome to the website of the Psychology Practice R. van Manen Psy.D.

Guidelines regarding the Coronavirus:

We switched to phone consults instead of face-to-face treatmeants. The doctor in psychology prefers to call you in a noise-free environment without any form of distraction. 

We need:

  • Referal BGGZ from your General Practitioner
  • Medicationlist
  • Insurance card

See prof. dr. Daniel Freeman, neuropsychologist, Oxford University. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/22/think-about-the-best-case- scenario-how-to-manage-coronavirus-anxiety 

Secretariat present from 8.30am – 17.30pm  Phone number: 070-4271908

The treatment is offered in Dutch, English, or German.

We offer treatment in cases of phobias, headaches, sleeping disorders, depression, burnout, relationship problems, tension, traumatic complaints and work-related problems, amongst others.

drs. R. van Manen

BIG-geregistreerde health psychologist (doctor of psychology, PsyD.)
PsyD. in de clinical psychofarmacology
AGB-code 94001624

General way of working:

A doctor in psychology (PsyD) focuses on diagnostics, treatment, recovery of functions and prevention of psychological and psychiatric diseases. Diagnostic and treatment are focused on the thoughts, feelings and problems of functioning in the brain. Besides that, a doctor in psychology/psychologist takes social and cultural context of the patient in account. The doctor in psychology (PsyD)/psychologist gives information about medication to the general practitioner. Or the general practitioner will ask the psychologist for advice.

The clinical psychologist, (PsyD), works in the specialistische GGZ, and focuses on more complicated diseases than the basis GGZ.

Regular contact and reporting back to referring general physician:

With the consent of the patient only.