Published articles by R. van Manen, MSc, Psy.D.

  • “Using ADIKA for psychopathology by children and adolescents”
    Interview in the magazine for Orthopedagogic, child Psychiatry and Clinical child Psychology.
    Publisher: K. Pyck, Herenstraat 39, 3000 Leuven Belgium.
    R. van Manen, MSc, Psy.D., prof. D.J. de Levita Ph.D. M.D. and M. Kortenbout van der Sluis, MSc, Psy.D.
  • “ADIKA”
    Interview of Amsterdam Diagnostic for children and adolescents.
    Publisher: Swets & Zeilinger B.V. Lisse
    R. van Manen, MSc, Psy.D., prof. D.J. de Levita Ph.D. M.D., prof. P.B. Defares Ph.D. Psy.D., and M. Kortenbout van der Sluis Psy.D.
  • “GZ-psychologen moeten zich beter profileren” Article by R. van Manen, MSc, Psy.D. in magazine for health psychologists 2012. Autors: R. van Manen Psy.D. and E. Dorrestijn BSc.
  • Member of the taskforce:
    Pharmaco-Psychology promoting prescriptive Authority G.Z. and Clinical prescribing psychologists.
    Clinical prescribing psychologists have already obtained and practiced in the U.S.A.

(M. Fonk, MSc, Psy.D., H. van Dis, MSc, Psy.D., and B. Kouwenhoven, MSc, Psy.D., clinical psychologists).

R. van Manen, MSc, PsyD, has a Masters degree in Psychopharmacology (2012) at the NM State (the New Mexico State University) in the U.S.A.