Certified Psychology Practice R. van Manen MSc., Psy.D. consists of:

R. van Manen, MSc, Psy.D.
– Psychology at University of Amsterdam (UvA).
– Master Clinical Psychopharmacology at New Mexico State University (NM State University, VS) in corporation with Dutch Institute of Psychology in Utrecht (NIP)(attained a grade point average of 4.0. will be honored, May 10th 2012)
– Specialisation: Health Care Psychology and generalisation basic GGZ
– EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy for traumatic experiences
educated by prof. dr. Ad de Jongh, Clinical Psychologist en E. ten Broeke, MSc, Psy.D. Clincial Psychologist
– VGCt (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
– PTSS through Respiconmethod by prof. dr. P. Defares.

M. Gerritsen, MSc. behandelend psycholoog

– Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam
– Master Clinical Psychology
– Master Health and Medical Psychology
– Forensic Psychology and Personality Disorders
– VGCt (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), postmaster University for a total of 5 years

E. Derksen, MSc, Psy.D.i.o.
– Psychology at Leiden University
– Master Clinical Neuropsychology (Adult and Old Age/Child Neuropsychology)
– Master Child and Adolescent Psychology
– VGCt i.o. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
– Teacher and scientific research University Leiden

Secretary: ABS
L. Kroeze, BSc. in de psychologie, secretaresse
– WO Masterstudent Psychologie

H. Bozbey, secretaresse
– WO Bachelorstudent Psychologie

H. Darrazi, secretaresse
– WO Bachelorstudent Psychologie


Mindfulness is based on scientifical knowledge from medical biology and psychology.

This training is given in 2014- 2015 – 2016 – 2017.

We haven’t given mindfulness-training in 2018, because the psychology practice is very busy.