Van Manen Psychologen has an approved Kwaliteitsstatuut GGZ 2019 (quality status). See Kwaliteitsstatuut GGZ 2019

University level

The study Psychology at the University: 6-7 years average (Bachelor and Master-BIG registration : Psy.D.)
Specialisation/Postmaster of the University: 

– Health Care Psychology (duration: 2 years)  law BIG registrated
– Clinical Psychologist-specialist is a specialisation of 4 years after the Health Care Psychology (10 or 11 years in total).
– Clinical neuropsychologist-specialist is a specialiastion of 4 years after Health Care Psychology (10 or 11 years in total).
– Clinical Psychopharmacology is a Master education at the University after Health Care Psychology (2 years) and 5 years of work experience as a Health Care Psychologist. This Master education is coming from NM state Universiy USA.
In different states of the USA the prescribing psychologist prescribes medicines on prescription.

The specialisation psychologist-psychotherapist takes 4 years.  
– This specialisation can be obtained after Master Psychology,Master Medical school and Master Health Care Science.
– Psychologist-psychotherapist after a master study psychology and other 4 years postmaster psychotherapy.
– Psychiatrist-psychotherapist after a master Medical School and other 4 years postmaster psychotherapy.

The specialisation of VGCt (society of Behaviourism and Cognitive Therapy).
The education takes 5 years average after Master Psychology or Master Medical school.

Task group Clincial Psychopharmacology: Rony van Manen, MSc, Psy.D., Huib van Dis, MSc. Psy.D., Mariek Fonk, MSc, Psy.D and Brenda Kouwenhoven, MSc, Psy.D. Clincial Psychologists (prof. dr. Jan Derksen, Nijmegen University and Brussel University and prof. dr. Jan-Henk Kamphuis, Amsterdam University).


The doctor in psychology must be certified:

Psychologist Dutch Institute of Psychologists (N.I.P.)

Psychologist must be certified through N.I.P.

  • Health Care GZ – Psychologist (law B.I.G.)
  • (Primary) Psychologist: member of N.I.P.

Certified Psychology Practice R. van Manen Psy.D. has achieved all the above certificates and education and has been in independent practice for 20 years.


Our practice treats patients referred to us by various general practitioners, physicians, physiotherapists, medical specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

General practitioner drs. R. Suliman,

General practitioner drs. W. Libeton en drs. M. Witte-Libeton,

General practitioner drs. D. Keijzer.

General practitioner drs. Duivenboden ( International healthcare)